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January 9th

January 16th

at 9am Pacific / 10am Mountain / 11am Central / 12pm Eastern

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To “reboot” is not to completely change what we are doing, but rather to look with fresh eyes and get the most out of the resources we do have. Don’t wait to have big budgets or lots of volunteers to get more out of your Lent season this year!

I have spent many years researching and teaching basic principles of creativity and design that can be applied to your church’s worship no matter the size, style, or tradition. Give me two hours to help energize and inspire you for your work! 

What's each "Reboot Your Worship" Webinar About?

January 9th Webinar:

“Deepen Spirituality” - the first webinar talks about the hunger for deeply meaningful experiences to navigate our complex and difficult world... how do we create a Lent series that will take the congregation on a journey, steeping them (and you) in worship that changes and heals our lives?

January 16th Webinar:

“Heighten Skills” - the second webinar will hone in on the nitty-gritty skills and tips for creating worship that connects to a wide-range of people and keeps them engaged. How do we bring the Word alive and leave them wanting more?

Recordings will be available after each session and sent via email!

What to Expect with "Reboot Your Worship"?

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Sunday comes around EVERY week!

Eliminate that constant stress!

Planning week-to-week "one hit wonders" is exhausting. Face it - Sunday comes around EVERY WEEK! BUT if you had the whole season planned and ready before Lent began, imagine the possibilities!

You could have a deeply spiritual and renewing Lent practice of your own. You could enter Lent feeling a connection to God that has transformed you rather than burned you out as a church leader.

AND if you weren't completely burned out, what could you do? Instead of the weeks following Lent being a "low time," you could actually have an amazing worship series ready to invite those occasional church-goers to come back for!

Wouldn't it be great to have real, creative, trained help?

Dr. McFee has spent the last two decades honing ways to get people involved in creating worship WITHOUT having too many cooks in the kitchen! Having studied creative processes and techniques, she has concrete plans for how to get people involved, fine-tune the team process, and make your group one that not only works together, but plays and worships deeply together.

The two top reasons people don't have success with a team are 1) too many meetings and 2) not a clear system of working together. This Reboot experience will address both of these issues!

Recordings will be available after each session and sent via email!

Thoughts from Past Participants

Hear from others who have joined Reboot:

If the pastor is bored, there's a problem...

"About a year and a half ago, on a whim, I signed up for your Advent Reboot webinar series. To say that I was bored with worship at our church would be an understatement, and if the pastor is bored, there is a problem. During the webinar, I planned our Advent worship, and then come Advent, we did the 'Sacred' series. It was fabulous! The congregation loved it. They loved the attention to flow, the opportunity to engage in contemplation and ritual, and the topic ... Creating meaningful and memorable worship has become my jam this year, and our subscription to the WDS has been a lifesaver (and a soul saver for this pastor's soul). THANK YOU."

Jeff Lukens

Lordship Community Church, UCC
Stratford, CT

What a relief to have worship planned through Lent!

"Dear Marcia and crew, Thank you for the Reboot series. I had no idea an online course could be so meaningful and practical. Now, I'm a believer. So much to compliment! The structure, with weekly, specific assignments, held me accountable in a way that allowed me to feel progress ... The Reboot approach kicked it up a notch ... This approach, like having a coach working alongside me, helped me shift/learn new ways of crafting worship. I needed this in order to change some habits. The five areas we focused on in Reboot were great choices, at least for me. I felt inspired, challenged, and affirmed. What a relief to have worship planned through Lent! Thank you for [your] vision and hope. I'm grateful, and renewed."

Kim Risedorph 

Lead Pastor, Asbury UMC

Livermore, CA

Full permission to be who I am...

"Thank you so much for this wonderful invitation to 'reboot' our worship, and for the inspiration it has provided ... The services were still broken up by song here, reading here, now it's time for this or that, UNTIL today! I invited myself to play during awkward moments, something I just never felt comfortable doing here. You gave me permission to be all I am and offer all I am as their director of music and arts ... I had many smiling encounters afterward and talked with several eager participants about things I needed in the future. Yay!"

Shar Boerma 

Director of Music and Arts, Whitehall UMC, Whitehall, MI

"I hope you'll take this opportunity to revitalize (dare I say, resurrect?) your worship this year.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping your church develop its own incredible worship arts team and worship experience!"

Peace & Passion,

Dr. Marcia McFee